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Heatdeath sounds like some horrible ancient torture ritual, but the sadistic among you can give it a miss as this site is described by its author as being about music and culture. There is no explanation for the title, which I’d have liked as it is an intriguing one.

This site is relatively new on the weblog scene, starting out at the beginning of March. So far there is very little content but what I’ve seen looks promising. Heatdeath boasts good writing style and music reviews that wouldn’t go amiss in NME. It is currently focused solely on music, but with the author talking about bringing in political posts that could all change. I personally think it works best just in music mode.

The layout used is a basic Blogger template in white and grey. This simple layout takes nothing away from the writing but adds nothing either. For a specialist page Heatdeath needs more structure. A content list would be very useful, so that a reader could instantly jump to a subject or band that interests them. Also, a template that involves music in some way would add a lot. This is a site that is worth going to, but it needs some improvements to keep you coming back.

With the quality of music reviews and writing this is a site that could easily gather a good following. The author has already begun experimenting with HTML, so give this weblog time and it could become a first stop for all those with a keen interest in music.
Heat Death

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