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I decided that I would review this site because of the name. Ramblings of a Technology Addict sounds a lot like something I wish I would have thought of when starting my own blog. I figured this site has to be about technology based on the title.

That is not what I got. Instead I got a mix of technology, war, personal, and general blog ramblings through out the blog. It is a well written blog with frequent updates for the better part of most days. The best posts, however, were those that were about technology. I didn’t like seeing all the normal mumbo jumbo within this blog as it didn’t flow. Scratch that. Put the technology stuff in one blog, and the rest of it in another and you have two good blogs that flow, separately.

The design is a complete shrine to Apple OS X and the author does not try to hide his love of the Macintosh. At the top of the screen we have the “menu bar” that one would see on a laptop, but somewhat customized. I was a little confused with all of the mini icons that had a link to Apple’s page, specifically the Jaguar OS page. Why? Past that point the blog is in a two column layout using only CSS. If the content is not long enough, some of the “navigation columns” content gets put under the blog. The links to other sites are listed in an iTunes listing which was just another addition to the Macintosh shrine.

I did have one major problem with the site and that is with the archives. Each day is archived instead of each week or month so it made it very hard to see where he had been versus where he is now. It became very time consuming to go through each day’s worth of entries instead of being able to read a month’s worth at a time.

Over all we have a fairly good weblog. As I stated I think it should be about technology and not a personal blog. If the author has the ability to categorize the posts it would make it a little better and would have much better flow to it. So if you are a technology buff or just looking for a good site to read, then check it out and see what Ramblings of a Technology Addict has to offer.
Ramblings of a Technology Addict

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