Review 2272

I didn’t really know what to expect when coming into this site. The notion of just an average weblog was the one I primarily entertained in my mind, and I’m glad that was the feeling I decided to take when beginning my venture into the “weblog from a Dane abroad”.

The layout of “weblog from a Dane abroad” isn’t anything out of the ordinary. There’s a big column down the center portion of the site, with a menu bar of links the left. Something a little on the unique side from this site that stuck out for me was the moving rankings on the right side of the weblog. Jacob ranks movies on a five star system. So far, there are only eight movies ranked, but I’m assuming this is a relatively new feature and will grow with time.

The site’s more than just a weblog. You’ll find an extensive “about me” section that gives you some background information as to where the name of the weblog was generated. Also available for viewer perusal is a quick overview of what’s used to create the site, the aforementioned movie rankings, other links, contact information, and the obligatory archived entries. There’s also a section devoted just to a photo gallery, which does contain some very nice photos of different events.

October 31, 2002 was the first time the archives were in English, so that’s where I started to read. The earlier archives that I was actually able to read were very straight forward and to the point. They would list what the author did for the day, and that, for the most part, was it. As times goes on, Jacob finally starts sharing more personal thoughts or gears his writing to be a bit more descriptive of what’s going on around him. This, of course, lets readers feel more like they’re experiencing the same thing as he is and it makes for more personable reading.

With time, this weblog seems to have improved. Jacob writes more in each post and is able to give readers a better view of what he’s talking about and what he’s experiencing. If you’re just looking for a weblog that features its creator and his daily life, the “weblog from a Dane abroad” would fall very nicely into that category. If you’re looking for something a little bit more, revisiting this site in a few more months might be a good idea.

weblog from a Dane abroad