Review 2265

Every once in a while it’s nice to see something with a bit of gentle whimsy, not overly sophisticated but not self-conscious about it, either.

Riftlands Cafe was built by hand by a guy who has a genuine interest in brushing up both his web design and writing skills. Its no-nonsense design and quick-loading extras make it a nice place to visit. There are tons of wedding photos, pix of the family, vacation shots, recipes and etc. I would like to see a few external links permanently displayed. For me, external links give a sense of who this person’s friends and interests are and help round out the “experience.”

Eric puts down his thoughts on a daily basis and you’re glad he did. What makes it stand out for me is the clear glimpse of life here. These are hard-working, honest people who take pleasure in uncomplicated things like cooking and gardening. No, it’s not boring, at least not for me, who spends so much time each day working on things like marketing and promotion. It’s good to be reminded there are still people around who aren’t thinking in terms of millions of page views and “wow” factors.

I bet he doesn’t think it’s much, this blog. But I hope he hangs on to the archives when he updates the site (as I know he will.) This will be valuable stuff in time to come; when his daughter grows up and Eric’s writing something bigger. I’m giving this a relatively high score; because although I wish these lovely people could win the lottery or something, this is the best I can do ;>)Riftlands Cafe

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