Review 2264 – now there’s a domain name that’s just screaming to be huge! With a domain name like that, how could anyone possibly go wrong?

With probably one of the longest taglines I’ve ever seen on a weblog, David, the creator and author, uses “daily updates on the Internet and public policy, broadband, virtual community and more from the UK-based consultant and journalist” to describe his weblog. And well, the tagline describes the weblog to a T.

David posts on a frequent and consistent basis. More often than not, readers are only treated to a few of David’s own words that briefly describe the particular external link he’s featuring that particular day. From time to time, the author does expound a little more in depth on why he’s linking a particular site, sharing his opinions and thoughts on the matter at hand. David’s a good writer and typically knows his facts, so having him share more of his thoughts on what he’s sending his audience to via the links in each of his posts would definitely add more personality to this weblog.

The layout is brought to you by Moveable Type as one of its standard templates that come along with every download. There are a ton of links grouped down the right hand side of the blog that can lead you anywhere from the archives of the site to nearly any subject matter that could possibly cross your mind.

I expected a lot from a site with a domain like this one. You see the word “blog” everywhere you look now, and I was expecting something huge, something that would just jump out at and scream. I didn’t really find that here. isn’t the type of weblog you’ll find yourself growing easily attached to if you’re looking for anything along the lines of a personal weblog. If you’re in the market for a weblog that’s going to give you an occasional link here or there that you might find worth checking out, then this is a spot I’d visit.

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