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I’m in love with the Cynical Tyrant. Okay, not so much her, but her outlook on life and the amazing way she’s able to put it into words. Perhaps it’s because her thoughts on so many different things mirror my own so closely.

“Cynical Rantings” began only in early February, and the author makes it very clear the only person she’s really keeping this weblog for is herself. In her second week of keeping this weblog, the author makes an observation about all that is in the weblogging community. I’ve never really read it more accurately. So, while very new to the weblogging world, it seems like this author has made a very noble and accurate attempt at understanding WHY the world is full of weblogs.

I didn’t find a single entry that was anything less than three paragraphs. Much to the author’s credit, the entries that are several paragraphs long are very well written. Hoping to one day get her writing published somewhere other then “Cynical Rantings”, the author absolutely does not disappoint anyone stopping by for a quick read.

Reality television is a popular topic throughout the few weeks of archives available, and you’ll also stumble upon entries discussing the author’s opinions on major events like the Grammy Awards or her pet peeves like public nose-picking. One thing I like the most about this weblog is the way the author is very up front about WHY she is doing this: “This blog is an effort for me to become a better writer.” But better? In that case, I’m buying the book as soon as it’s published.

You don’t learn much personal information about the author, but you do gather great insight to her thoughts and opinions through her detailed writing – always giving opinions, and always backing them up, or sometimes just giving us all a brief, but very witty synopsis to what’s on her mind.

The design at “Cynical Rantings” is a standard Blogger template. It could have been fluorescent green with dancing pink flamingos bordering each entry, though, and I don’t think I would have noticed. I was just that in to what I was reading.

I love this weblog. I love it. It’s bookmarked and it’s a daily visit in my little world. I’d recommend popping on over for a quick read of whatever the latest entry may be. I have no doubt it’ll be a fine one.

Cynical Rantings

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