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Caffeine_Sparks is a very new blog on the block. It’s only been around for about a month, and the author has some major work to do.

One thing going for the blog is the author’s writing style. It’s very introspective writing, but well-written and thought out nonetheless. “Liberty”, as she calls herself, starts out every post with a short, simple sentence and then elaborates. I think this works very well for the subject matter she writes on. As for the actual subject matter? Well, it’s a little choppy. Because the posts are so introspective, it’s very hard to tell what Liberty is talking about sometimes, or it’s just hard for the reader to really care. One constant subject for Liberty is Jerome, who she usually refers to as “HIM”. She has a serious love-hate relationship with HIM, and so spends a lot of words moaning about it.

There’s not much else we can find out about Liberty from Caffeine_Sparks. There is no “About Me” page, no posts explaining any of her persona. She could be 17, or she could be 27. There’s really no way of knowing. Some added content to Caffeine_Sparks would be appreciated.

The layout is from a standard template at Blogskins, a much overused palette of pond-algae green. There’s really no originality, and the pleas of “RATE ME!” on various blog compilation sites at the top of the screen really don’t do much to improve the look of Caffeine_Sparks.

I would say that given more time, Liberty could do some great work with Caffeine_Sparks and transform it into a great blog. Until then, I can’t reccomend it.

Editors Note: Becuase of the infancy of this weblog, the writer was forced to dock a lot of points off of the rating.caffeine_sparks

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