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Wow! Simply, wow! I can see how the design could have a chance to be visually appealing, but initially, this blog is very hard on the eyes. Very cute coffee cup picture, but the colors simply don’t mesh well. You quickly find that the author is from Manila, and I honestly hope the content makes up for my initial reaction.

The archives seem to have the “correct” look that the blog is supposed to take. The content is supposed to have a tan/yellow background instead of the black. So I’m going to assume that this is just a tiny error in code and can easily be fixed. The content is good. The content is interesting. I’m curious about her. She leaves me wanting to read more and more. The author seems like so many other blogger’s only she can write. She can write well. She tells the stories of her life the way that a book filled with short stories would read. You pick it up, start at any given point, and find yourself reading… and reading. Her entries are well thought out, and well designed. They make a point, and leave the reader thinking. I couldn’t take my eyes of the content of this blog. I couldn’t stop reading the pain, and happiness, and anger of the author. There are times when you get mad at her and other times when you sympathize with her. The author is an emotional writer and while some people don’t like to know what’s going on with the deep internals of the author’s, I personally think that it gives more depth.

The design, as I said, is probably not being executed correctly via blogspot. I don’t know if it’s in an incorrect image tag, background color tag or the css, but I see (in Mozilla and IE) a lot of black with white text. This makes the links impossible to read. When you wander towards the archives you see exactly how the layout should work, however, that’s now what it looks like when you actually read.

You can learn more about the author as she has a link that leads you to another blog that has some vitals, and explanations of “Character” or people in this author’s life. There’s a tagbox for people to leave comments to the author, and a poll I’m assuming changes. Otherwise, it’s your standard looking blog with a few links, lots of content, and the ability for strangers or friends to comment.

This blog reads rather well. You feel for the author. You empathize and sympathize with her. She writes extremely well, even if there’s an inconsistency with punctuation, capitalization and spelling. It’s an intense emotional read but in a very clean way. While this blog could probably use a little bit of work on the design level, this author has got the content part down. Worth a read. caffeine_sparks

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