Review 2257 lives up to its name–it’s a little bit pop culture, a little bit scary, and a lot of fun once you surrender yourself to it.

There doesn’t seem to be an overall theme for this website.The “Frankenzilla”, as it’s called, contains everything from relationship help to political rants to who’s who in the blogging world, all tied together with a quiet, sly sense of humor.

Paul Frankenstein, the owner of the website, doesn’t seem to have much to say with his own words. He gets his points across using various links and photos, and I must say that he does this very well. The posts are organized into a myriad of categories, such as “Love and Sex”, “Crass Commercialism”, “Tunes”, “Flotsam”, and “Politics”, just to name a few. At times, however, you wish he’d say more and expand on his wonderful ideas. The blog is like a playground for whatever thought he might be entertaining, I’d just wish he’d let them grow into full.

Despite this, the blog is enjoyable and easily read, thanks to the colorful layout of soft yellows and oranges. The photo banner at the top changes with each refresh, bringing an element of fun and suprise. The blog is well organized, with posts archived by aforementioned categories as well as by date. The links the author provides are just as random as the blog. The condensed history of China, old travel photos, a novel in progress, and the author’s favorite blogs are just a click away.

Overall, I’d say that this is a wonderful blog to visit to find out about some really cool things on the web.

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