Review 2256

First impressions count. Really, they do. So it didn’t help that the very first post i read on superabound contained this:


umm, wow, i love starting things (the type of things you write) without actually having something to write about. it’s the best.





so hey, how have you guys been? whoever you are. what kind of crazy motherfucker actually reads this? only the craziest of motherfuckers, i hope. i mean, aside from the people who actually know me. all i know is that anyone who accidentally stumbled on this horrible mess of a journal and decided to come back to read more horrible messyness must be a crazy motherfucker of some sort of significant caliber. and if you fit the description of the forementioned crazy motherfucker, seek help, seriously. what’s wrong with you.

Someone once said this: “I like how being fifteen automatically makes you uninteresting to blog reviewers.” Those words suddenly leapt into my mind in the face of overwhelming evidence. Well, honey, sometimes you need to look at it from a perspective other than your own. Look at the Featured Sites – two out of ten of them are teen blogs, so obviously being fifteen does not automatically make you uninteresting to reviewers. You are responsible to appear interesting to your readers.

Coming back to superabound. Just when an ugly opinion was beginning to form in my head after reading that first post, I read some of Taylor’s older posts and changed my mind. Taylor is, in actuality, a pretty good writer who expresses himself well. If only he’d cut down on the names he calls himself (Dork, nerd, dork, weak, dork, bastard, dork), it would make superabound a much more enjoyable and less tiring read. From his blog, I find Taylor to be a sensitive and observant teenager. I especially enjoyed reading his posts about his past, written in a gentle, nostalgic tone.

The red-and-white polka dotted background takes some getting used to, but once the whole layout loads you get a sense of harmony. The picture of the ‘dork’ (I assume) and the speech bubble containing the blog entries coming out of his mouth matches the overall feel of superabound. No complaints here, although an introduction of the author would be a plus.

In a nutshell, superabound is a decent teen blog with the angst toned down a little and the melancholy pervasive. Just go easy on the self-thrashing. Share more of your unique thoughts and views instead of keeping on reminding your readers about your dorkiness. You have something here.


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