Review 2255

A multitude of green penguins welcome you to This pretty much sets the tone for the blog.

While the name “Emptywishes” may imply the “woe-is-me” blog that we’re all sick of, this blog is nothing of the sort. Kim, the self-described “misplaced American” (Arizonian-gone-French) and author of has created a wonderful read, effortlesley injecting humor, cynicism, and plain ole’ common sense into each and every post.

The layout is fun and and simple, composing of the aforementioned penguins paired with classic black-on-white text. My only complaint is that the blog posts are displayed on the main page by week, and so you must heavily rely on the archives to move around the site.

A great bonus to the site is Kim’s photography. She has captured some really beautiful and really bizarre things in her city, and so the photolog is well worth checking out.

Emptywishes is a great blog to check out for some laughs and some wonderful, tell-it-like-it-is writing. It’s well deserving of repeat

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