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Whatever I Say is an oddly attracting site. Perhaps it’s title, a seemingly sarcastic spin on the “whatever you say” mantra. Perhaps it’s the subtly funny yet informative commentary on pop culture. Or maybe it’s the bright orange banner luring you in from the get-go.

Whatever I Say is a personal blog, a classification that invites moans from many. You immediatly think of the typical teenage girl blog, rambling on about he-said she-said at a pace that’s dizzying. Whatever I Say, however, has done a fine job at being a blog that’s interesting for everyone to read. The posts stem from the author’s personal life, but expand to a more general scale. Topics include the author’s battle to quit smoking, the web, dating, and music.

The author herself does not openly illicit attention to herself on the blog; one must dig a little deeper to find out information. This just makes it all the more worth it when we find out her name is Katie and that she loves the smell of fresh paper. She’s humble, and so is Whatever I Say. It’s all rather refreshing in this time of “me-me-me” blogs.

The layout is composed of a simple orange banner at the top with a vintage-y feel, proudly providing quick words of observation with every visit. (“When you ride the bus every day, you start to get to know people, whether you like it or not. I haven’t seen the crying man on the bus in a few months, though. I wonder what happened to him.”). The blog itself is easy to read, with the classic black on white combo with orange links thrown in just for kicks.

Whatever I Say is an enjoyable ride through Katie’s brain, and is much deserving of repeat visits. Whatever I Say

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