Review 2248

Jay’s website has a couple of names, including The Talamasca¬≤ and Random Acts of Blasphemy. The latter part of the site is Jay’s journal, which as far as I can tell is all hand-coded. Although his URL is and the title mentions blasphemy, I didn’t find much religious in the journal. He does have a couple of very well-written essays about religion, though, which are in a separate section of the site. Also at the site is the Book of Jay, his witty collection of stories, personal anecdotes, and pet peeves from his work in a call center.

Back to the journal. Jay doesn’t write very frequently, sometimes not more than a few times a month. He’s been writing since 2001, though, with a few entries from 1994 as well. The majority of his pieces are typical journal fodder: notes from the day, often about his car or his job. And despite insisting he doesn’t like LiveJournal anymore (having originally kept his journal there), Jay does continue to post a mood/music block with each entry. It’s not possible to leave comments on entries, but there’s a link to send e-mail.

Even though it’s just personal day-to-day stuff, Jay’s writing is enjoyable to read. He took his biography down back in mid-2002, but I was able to find out that his education is in computer animation and that’s been his work too. Put together, this means that Jay is great at expressing his ideas, both visually and through words.

The site’s design is black, white, and gray, which makes it feel a little gloomy. It’s still visually appealing, though. Overall, I think Jay deserves a 4.Random Acts of Blaspheme

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