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On my first glance at Catalogablog I thought “I don’t know what any of this means!” I’m classing myself as your average blogger, and I had no clue what IFLA, TEI, OPML or Exclusive XML Canonicalization were. Perhaps I’m just ignorant, perhaps they’re American things, but it made the immediate impression that this site wasn’t going to be accessible for everyone.

I decided to go right back to the beginning and see how that helped, but it was just the same. Catalogablog is not your average weblog and is not for your average reader. It is a news and links weblog about issues to do with cataloging and data.

The design of the site uses a standard Blogger template but with all the lastest “must have” extras: RSS feed, a Creative Commons license, XML. The site owner is obviously in the know about all things weblog.

All the links to and from Catalogablog are also about library cataloging and related topics and to find this site useful or user-friendly you’d have to have this same interest or career. However, if “Library cataloging, classification, metadata, subject access and related topics” were your thing then Catalogablog would definitely be the place to go.

Although this weblog did nothing for me, I feel that if you went there for the purpose it serves then you would recieve very thorough information, and for that the site deserves recognition.Catalogablog

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