Review 2243

The author of this site deems it a “library cataloging, classification, metadata, and subject access and related topics”. Without that description, I probably would have had no idea what was being so well written about at Catalogablog.

Layout-wise, the site is very simple. The site is powered by Blogger, and using one of the available standard templates. The particular template that was chosen is a very simple and clean design, and flows throughout the side very well. Basically, there are an entire slew of links along the left hand side, with the actual weblog content more in the middle. The site’s been up and running, according to the archives of the site, since March 2002. There doesn’t ever seem to be a lull in posts in the weekly archives.

The sidebar of the site is full of resources – all the contact information you need if you have more questions about the content of the site, ways to subscribe to Catalogablog, search options, and a great deal of links that touch base with the same subject matter as the entire site.

I’m not the most technologically advanced person out there in cyberspace, and keeping that in mind, I’d certainly consider myself the “average weblog reader”. Other average weblog readers, as far as I can tell, are going to have some trouble staying focused and/or coming back to visit this weblog.

The content is remarkable, though. From what I can tell, it certainly seems like the author is right on top of things in the subject matter at hand, and does a very nice job of displaying nearly all information one could possibly need in this topic.

You could very well call this site a jackpot for those interested in “cataloging, classification, metadata, and subject access and related topics”. For those not looking to read about the world in that realm, this weblog probably isn’t one you’ll add to your favorites.


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