Review 2239

Once again I come to a blog and have no starting point or basis from which to understand where the writer is coming from. Who are you? Where are you? How old? Why are you blogging? Some basic info about the writer would help readers to relate.

The older entries were not in typical paragraph sentence form but were long winded poetic reflections of a time and place in the author’s past. It was somewhat Ginsburg-ish. There is a lot of description… which I found cumbersome at times. Can there be too much of a good thing? I think this style would be better suited to a book of poetry. This style may appeal to other readers however.

Most of the content focuses on the writer’s family and events in her life such as the birth of her daughter or trips to the hospital for her ill father. My favourite entry was from 8.13.2002 which I will only share a piece of… (I encourage you to read the whole thing)

I come across a slip of paper taped to a cubbyhole in the desk. Document “Uncle Henry” and “Aunt Daisy” in family history it says. For a moment, I wondered what in the world, then a split second later I smiled, remembering Mom telling me last year, in the midst of her first flush of grief and confusion. “I want to tell you before I forget…” “Uncle Henry” and “Aunt Daisy” were Mom and Dad’s code phrases in their early love letters to each other

Overall a solid but somewhat brief read. A few things: the picture links are all dead for many of the archive entries. The layout is clean but could use a bit more zip. The archives go back nearly a year but there are only a few entries but month… clearly the website is very well named. 🙂 I felt the blog read like a script for A&E’s Biography at times. This isn’t a bad thing, but if you aren’t interested in John Doe’s story you will likely turn the channel. Writer’s Block: Scribblings from Memory

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