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I’ve never seen a weblog quite like this one before.

This isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill, this-is-what-happened-to-me-today weblog. Rather then current events, the author decides to take the readers on a journey through her family’s lives years ago. Whether they’re memories she’s experiences, or stories she’s been told, there’s so much recollection throughout the posts that it nearly seems like a history book.

The design is a slightly modified Blogger template. It’s one of the better ones to choose from, and by using this one, it really puts the main focus of the site on the words, which is definitely where it should be in this instance. The black and white pictures that are posted along the sidebar are a wonderful touch to both the layout, and to give you an idea of what the author’s family is actually like. After all, the entire time you’re reading the site, you’re picturing them in your head.

The entries are like reading through a photo album, but Trish gives you the image through her words, allowing you to see it the way you perceive it. The entries aren’t really that of a personal weblog, but more along the lines of very tiny chapters in a historic or genealogical novel of some type. It’s a different type of weblog, but I’m certain it’s own that could draw a very nice following. It may be the type of thing you’re looking for. Give it a shot and see.
Writer’s Block: Scribblings from Memory

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