Review 2236

I must say that my curiousity was definitely piqued when I saw the title for this weblog. I half-expected to be bombarded with ads and pop-ups about CD’s and video games when I loaded up the site. Much to my surprise, however, I was presented with a clean and simple front page that was pleasing to the eye.

The Mediaburn Radio Weblog is a companion to the online magazine at Consequently, the links and news on the weblog revolve around the same topics as the magazine does – namely “news, information, music, and the arts”. However, the weblog itself is primarily news and information about music and the arts, and technology. In fact, many of the news stories did focus on technology, such as the recent acquirement of by Google. There are occasional sparse comments by the author, but the weblog is primarily a collection of links to different articles, albeit interesting articles. For example, the blog’s February 3, 2003 entry had a link to a site which tracks the national debt (which unfortunately is over 6 trillion dollars as of 2 minutes ago).

I couldn’t seem to find any information about the author, or perhaps authors, of this weblog. Gary Santoro appears to be the sole commentator of the blog and director of the magazine. I had to dig through many of the entries to find some of Gary’s comments, and I was disgruntled by the fact that many of his comments were short and unrevealing. Although this is primarily a news and links site, it is nevertheless a weblog, and the author’s insight and feelings are a key element in blogging.

The Mediaburn Radio weblog is essentially a collection of various links, some interesting and some not. The blog doesn’t have a specific target group – it’s content ranges from everything to current events to technology. If you’re a fan of, then I recommend you visit the blog. Otherwise, you can find most of the information on the blog on the pages of and CNN.The Mediaburn Radio Weblog

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