Review 2230

First impressions of this site? The design is crisp, clean, and well-done. Even better, it is easy to navigate and I found myself immediately wanting to dive into the actual content of the site.

One of the first things I noticed when I started reading the weblog is that the author never capitalizes his sentences. With most weblogs, I would view this as detrimental to the overall content, but here it worked. This textual style goes along with the overall tone of the weblog – carefree, unburdened, and pretty much liberated of excess junk. Who needs to capitalize? I say this without the slightest hint of sarcasm – the author truly writes his impressions of what is happening around him. He blends funny, insightful, and interesting ideas into all of his posts. I was searching for an ‘about’ page when I came across his first post, where he says “i’d have lots of pages detailing myself and my life, but i don’t want that.” In my opinion, he doesn’t even need an ‘about’ page – as you become more enveloped in his posts, you learn a great deal about this 18 year old man from the UK.

In terms of design, the site complements the content perfectly. Orange and gray are the primary colors, and they blend well together to create a layout that is easy on the eyes. The navigation bar has the typical links – contact information, sites the author likes, and the archives. The ‘rate me’ link was unusual – it gives the reader a chance to input their opinions on the author’s site. The only thing, albeit a minor thing, is that the links on the nav bar load up in the same window – I would recommend having them open in a new one so that attention isn’t drawn away from the site.

Should you visit this site? I can definitely give you a big YES. You will probably find yourself as I did after reading several posts on someonecalledjames – laughing your head off and curious to find out more about the author’s insights and opinions on life. someonecalledjames

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