Review 2230

A picture of the coast and a lighthouse are the first thing you see on entering this site, accompanied by the words, “where there is love there is life.” I assumed that this photo was taken near where James lives and that the words were his personal motto, but I couldn’t find an explanation on the site.

James’ weblog is mostly personal but, as usual, through his personal experiences and opinions he actually tells a us lot more. Quite a few of the posts sounded familiar to me: the British weather, the media, the decision of whether to travel down to London for a night out, the trips to the pub. I suppose this shows that James captures the “being a late teen in England experience” very successfully.

I wanted to find out more about the liberal minded James who described the British winter so well. Although I felt that I got know him quite well just from his daily posts and from reading the brief overview in his first post, I would have liked an “about” section. Due to the personal nature of the weblog I think that an “about” page would add a lot to the site.

James coded the page himself and has done a good job. There is even an inbuilt search engine. As for the colour scheme, range and grey seemed a strange combination but it actually works quite well here. The only problem I had with the layout was that it seemed a little too empty. This is possibly due to there only being a few additional links in the side column, but this could be because the site was only started two months ago and is still growing.

Someonecalledjames has started on a strong enough note to prove that it could really turn into something, and even now it is well worth a visit.someonecalledjames