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Someone called James? Someone called James. This weblog comes to us from someone called James.

The ability to capitalize letters has apparently escaped someone called James, but it could also be that the shift key just doesn’t work on James’ keyboard. Normally, it really bothers me to read through paragraph after paragraph and not find one capital letter. Someone called James, through his writing, made me completely forget about the lack of big letters throughout each entry. I got so wrapped up in nodding my head in agreement or comparing an event that has happened in my life to something he writes about.

The design gives off a very calm look to the site. You’re met with a white background, and oranges and grays are sprinkled around via hyperlinks, or tables. The colors compliment each other well, and the design does a good job by not taking away from the actual content.

I like it when I read “authentic” British phrases like “i did bugger all at work”. I don’t know how much £31.99 is, but I get a kick out of reading it. James, being from England, had a few phrases like that throughout the site. Silly, easily-amused Americans, right?

James’ dating (or, lately, lack there of – Sorry, James!), his likes and dislikes when it comes to movies and music, or just the general scoop of what’s going on in his life are just some of the various topics he touches base on in this weblog.

The things you learn about James you learn solely through his different weblog entries. He makes it perfectly clear from the get-go that he doesn’t want people led to think he’s an egomaniac. According to him he’s not, and if he were he’d “have lots of pages detailing myself and my life, but I don’t want that”. So, what you get out of each entry and the information that gives you about our author is all you have to go on. It’s almost like one of those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. Only here, we get to choose our own weblogger and have him in our heads however we take each of his entries.

Someone Called James is just in its infancy stages, having only started this little diary detailing James’ “life as an adult” in December. And while it’s still fresh in the market of weblogs, it’s definitely one I can see catching on and probably being at the top of everyone’s “must read” list.


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