Review 2227

Les made a smart choice when picking colors for The Blues Blog – it’s primarily different shades of blue!

Each entry starts the same way, usually “Woke up this morning…” or “Woke up yesterday morning…” and then the rest of the entry completes the sentence and moves on. I love the unique perspective given by the location – Japan doesn’t seem like a blues-heavy country, but Les has lots to share anyway. It’s also nice to see a topical blog that actually stays on topic most of the time, too.

The yellow-on-grey is kind of dreary and hard to read, and the text is awfully small. Graphics are few and far between, though, so it’s easier to focus on the words without being distracted by pictures. There seem to be some problems with links within the archives, but all posts are accessible if you try hard enough to find them. The links list is quite short, but the sidebar has a cool random quote about music every time you reload the page.BluesBlog

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