Review 2227

I am rather impressed by the level of commitment that the author, Les Coles, has shown towards the Blues’ music scene. The blog,, is a journal used mainly to record the days spent maintaining a website completely devoted to blues music, There would also be the occasional musing and how-the-author’s-day-went entries.

This blog is rather new (started off on 21 January 2003) and I noticed that the entries in the blog have generally gotten longer and more detailed. Which is good. Les does have a certain way of starting her entries. She always begins with a “Woke up this/yesterday morning…” or something along that line. Because according to Les, “if it’s a good way to start a blues song, it’s a good way to start a blues blog”. I find the headings rather refreshing because they go along with the theme, and they also add a minute but personal insight into the author’s life without clouding over the main focus of the blog.

The design of the site is functional and well organised. However, the ‘archives’ content page could probably do better than just a black and white format which totally clashes with the rest of the pages. The layout is most likely a template so maybe some elements could be added in, to connect the content with the layout.

This site also lacks an ‘about me’ section, so very little is known about the author. Perhaps the main intention of leaving out the ‘about me’ page, is for the reader to concentrate on the content of the blog rather than the author. Well, if that was the case, then I guess I did concentrate on the content a little bit better but it just made me even more curious to find out the identity of the author. So perhaps a little information on the creator of the page might do better than total deprivation.

If you are not a blues fan, you would probably not understand what Les is writing about, because the main drawing point of this blog is that it functions mainly as a information portal on the blues and its music scene in Tokyo, Japan. So unless you are situated in Japan and interested in the blues also, this blog would probably not interest you very much.

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