Review 2227

When I think of Japan, the last thing that comes to mind is the blues.

The Blues Blog is part of, which is a site about the blues scene in Japan. While the main part of the site is full of loads of information ranging from interviews from BB King and Dr. John, to concert tours, the blog is updated regularly about any news related to blues.

Launched in January of 2003, The Blues Blog is still new to the blogging world. But from reading up to today’s post, it looks like it has a promising future. Les, who runs the site keeps his readers informed about upcoming gigs around the country of Japan, links to articles relevant to the blues music scene and new album releases by noteworthy artists.

Visually, the layout of the blog is a standard Blogger template. I think the structure of the posts could be improved a bit. They seemed a bit messy, but that could be easily fixed by doing a bit of organizing. Apart from that the writing is fairly easy to read and not too wordy at all, which is a plus.

What makes this blog stand out from the thousands of other blogs out there is it has a completely different topic and is informative for a subject many may not be aware of. I think this is good site and also a unique one, which is often hard to find. Once in a while you find them and it’s quite a refreshing read.

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