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Stinky Shorts – an interesting, but appropriate name, for this site which ridicules the absurdity of the things people do and say everyday. The site is accompanied by the byline “Not smartie, not pants. Just doing the best we can”, a cute play on words which ties in well with the title of the site. I wasn’t particularly impressed with the rather common design of Stinky Shorts, although it would get high marks for simplicity. I’m a fan of simple and easily navigable blogs, and Stinky Shorts certainly meets this criteria. Nevertheless, I would have liked to have seen something beyond a standard template.

Rob, the “proprietor/perpetrator” of Stinky Shorts, is a welcome change to the previous news/links sites which I have reviewed, many filled with links but lacking in commentary. The majority of his entries do have a comment or casual remark, something I find key in these types of blogs. One thing I liked about Stinky Shorts is how the author blends his commentary with his links. When you read his blog, it’s almost as if you are speaking to Rob himself, and the occasional link is a way of saying “Wait a second, let me learn a little more about what you just said”.

Rob’s links cover a wide range of topics, from links to considerably strange news stories to pointers to widely known events, such as the current Iraq situation. I learned several new, atlhough probably completely useless, things after reading Stinky Shorts. Did you know that there is an invisible condom in development?

I have one bone to pick with Stinky Shorts, although it is a minor one. I believe that external links should almost always open in a new window, as this is beneficial for both the blogger and the reader. Having external links open in the same window draws readers away from the blog. It’s easier to take a break from Rob’s commentary to visit one of his links and then switch windows to explore some more of his site.

Should you visit Stinky Shorts? If you’re looking for a good laugh, then yes. As is common with these types of blogs, you will have to search through the entries to find a story that tickles your funny bone. Nevertheless, I am sure that Stinky Shorts will offer you something to talk about over the water cooler.

Stinky Shorts

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