Review 2225

Finally a site that I can immediately identify with, stuffed with honesty from the first line I see;
“Welcome to my weblog. I whinge a lot but my heart is in the right place… “
This is one of the few websites that I feel doesn’t maintain a false pretense of blogger glory. The clean, but typical ‘blog’ layout is used wisely (unlike some horrors I’ve seen in the past, and for once, the sidebar isn’t longer than the actual blog. (However it would be suggestable to archive weekly or monthly rather than daily)

Reading on I was delighted to grasp a taste of Matthew’s daily life consisting of a mixture of current affairs, daily excursions and the trivialities of life, all nicely illustrated with relevant pictures. I particularly identified with the boredom entry.. and titillated by the picture to go with it! A paragraph of speculative nonsense always calms the soul.

Focusing on the story matrix, an interactive story generator, the idea is highly amusing however proven to be effective. I’d love to see more of this on the website.

Target audience would involve anyone with two eyes and a brain to process it! Wombleweb provides a taste of life in Wimbledon (without the false Womble pretenses of course..)wombleweb story matrix

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