Review 2222

The first picture I see is a cute dalmatian-type dog ‘briskly’ running across a grass covered in foliage and as the page continues to load, I see more dogs, thus don’t be surprised if the writer likes.. well.. dogs! The layout is rather simple however personal and effective, which I quite admire. The photography theme complements the work and entries on this website.

I get the impression that this site is centered around photography, art and poetry.. and it is. Rosebaby frequently posts poems, quotes and some ‘philosophical’ entries. If your interests lie here, this will be your heaven.. if not.. I’d take a skim read because there could be something to your fancy. She obviously has a great talent in photography and art; something that can’t be looked over.

Again.. a long collection of links on the sidebar (are you trying to divert me from your site??), however take a look at the photography gallery before you go, if you’re attracted to aesthetics!

On a general note, its not really something that I’d go back to, because its of little interest to me, however if you’re into photography and poetry, why not give it a try?rosebaby

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