Review 2222

A personal blog, lately devoted nearly entirely to poetry, rosebaby is an acquired taste. Most of the posts largely consist of poems, excerpts of poems or quotes by famous authors, occasionally dressed up with an introductory sentence or drawing. However, earlier entries were much more personal in nature, and like e.e. cummings, rosebaby is no fan of capitalization, the effect being that posts can be unwieldy and inconsistent. On the other hand, what small bits of personal information included in the posts there are, you nonetheless get the sense that rosebaby is in transition, busy getting on with the business of mourning her late dog, raising the new one and handling a full time job while occasionally delving into the heartache of an ex- who has moved on. I can’t help but feel that in a few weeks, the posts will once again be less poetical, more personal and more whimsical.

It should come as no surprise to any visitor to the blog that rosebaby is an experienced web designer: the site is cool, clean and sophisticated. Navigation throughout the site is a treat, and the site’s shortcomings are simply limited to the inconsistent postings which often lack original content and inspiration.

rosebaby is at her best when she uses poetry, excerpts or images to illustrate her mood, letting us in why those excerpts or images matter to her at that time. Without such information, the postings consisting of bare pasted-in excerpts are cold and impersonal, a remediable situation, especially when rosebaby has such potential to be a must-read site for the hyper-literate.

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