Review 2221

They don’t call that age ‘sweet sixteen’ for nothing. Felicia is sixteen, and Vespertine is sweet.

The layout confirms this, with a cute cartoon character of a baby blue-haired (the same baby blue throught the site) anime girl perched on the upper-left corner of the blog. Overall, the design is fresh and delightful.

While most of Felicia’s posts deal with what she likes (Dance Dance Revolution) and dislikes (her old school), there are instances when Felicia’s posts make so much sense in the defiant, justified way of teenage i-am-right tone that you can’t help but reread what she writes.

The carefree style and angst make it clear that Vespertine is a teenager’s blog. It is a good blog because Felicia mixes silliness and quirkiness with the occasional right-on-the-spot views about current issues, spat out with the righteous sarcasm of youth. For instance, her views on George Bush and the mix-up of Chinese and Japanese culture by many Americans (now this I can relate to.)

All in all Vespertine is a blog that brims with the writer’s personality, and that is what a personal blog is all about.


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