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You and Me and Wainbows. Interesting title. I have no clue what to expect about this, other than it might reference three people (You = the reader, Me = the author, and Wainbows = some random person). But with that in mind I launched myself into this weblog.

Normally I like to pace myself when it comes to discussing a weblog. Some good points, some bad, all mixed together. I really only found one bad thing with this site, and it was the design. I like the images of the cats at the top (reference to the author), but then the rest of the design has gone to hell on the main page. Stuff is misaligned and it just doesn’t look good. Going into the archives we have yet another design, and this one is much better, but not original. So that is the bad part.

Everything else with this weblog is amazing. You cannot find another flaw in this site. The writing is outstanding, funny, and thought provoking all at the same time. Of course the first post I read was a very misconstrued version of an email I sent to her about reviewing her site. But it set the tone for the rest of the reading.

Recently she is posting about her trip to Spain which is pretty cool. She is going into a fair amount of detail for what she is doing there. I imagine that the weblog combined with pictures she has taken will make a good memory.

One of the more interesting things I noticed is that she really re-reads her weblog. Almost as if she is a reader herself, and not an author. Then she likes to comment on it. Personally I think she should just let it flow and only go back to read the comments.

This site should be nominated for the “Best kept secret” weblog with the bloggies next year. It has everything that an enjoyable blog needs and then some. I really hope that she does not take it down as she is thinking about doing as this truly is a diamond in the rough.

You and Me and Wainbows

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