Review 2219

Because the site was listed as an “anime” that is essentially what I expected to find when I followed the link, but that isn’t what I was presented with. The site is nicely designed, and clear to read. As you would expect the graphics were good, although not as individual as they could be.

When presented with a bio, even a small one I tend to read that before going on to read the posts. For a site designed by someone in their twenties you could easily mistake this site to be someone a lot younger, perhaps in their teens. The posts are personal, experiences of school, social occasions and about family members. I can imagine it appealing to those of the same age group, particularly those who share the same social circle.

The design is very much a reflection of the author’s personality. Its neat and well structured, with beautifully created and ‘feminine’ graphics. Truthfully it is a design that prepares you for the content – personal life posts from a young girl.

Although the design is easy to navigate and beautifully ordered I felt there was room for improvement in the archives section, perhaps if the author was to make the archives monthly (rather than individually) it would make the site easy and less fussy to navigate.

All in all this site provides an interesting insight into the personal life of a young girl still in school. It’s beautifully designed, and with only a minor alteration to the archives could be an easy to navigate and well structured site. Although the content had no come back factor for me, it may well appear to those surfers within the author’s age range, with similar interests, and even better within the same social circle.

Chesa Republic

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