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Why, it’s just like being back in college! Ward Entertainment brings silly, sophomoric, raunchy humor to semi-literate fruition. However, these guys – or one, anyhow – is an accomplished coder, so the effect is a well-designed, mostly clean layout; there are no technical glitches to interfere with the juvenile fun.

A majority of the postings feature several photos, usually of themselves, naked women, celebrities, naked celebrity women or rappers. Your hosts, Greg and Ryan, unapologetically detail their drunken shenanigans, occasionally venturing onto the slippery realms of politics and current affairs. Usually these forays are short-lived and they quickly go running back to the solid ground of…more drunken shenanigans and photos of girls kissing.

This site would benefit from shorter posts and fewer, or smaller, photos because the effect is often overwhelming (and not in the good way). Moreover, the posts often ramble on and on, until the reader gives up and just scrolls down to the next titillating photo. The blog is at its best when shorter posts are combined with related photos (even tangentially), as opposed to longer posts interspersed with completely irrelevant photos. Ironically, Greg and Ryan, who appear to be quite proud of their copyrighted status, fail to appreciate that their rampant posting of various celebrity photographs likely violates several copyrights. Now, who’s up for a kegstand?ward entertainment

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