Review 2217

Every time I see the word Fembat, I can only think of the “fembots” from the Austin Powers movies and hearing Frau Farbissina’s piercing shout for them. Sure enough, that’s partially how the name came to be.

I started from the beginning of available archives and immediately found myself genuinely concerned about Jezebel, one of Fembat’s two horses, who at this time was just finding a home with Fembat. The way each weblog entry is written had me feeling more and more like a part of the every day situations and instances that Fembat writes about. Maybe I wasn’t right there and an actual part of it, but there was many times where I felt like I was just off to the side and could perfectly picture everything that was going on.

Between the endearing stories of all the animals living with Fembat, readers are also treated to several entries that are based on reviews or opinions. Any fans of the Lord of the Rings would be proud, because anytime there’s a release coming up – video, in the theater, or otherwise – Fembat posts all the good stuff: links, rumors, possible spoilers.

Fembat is a unique “handle”, if you will, and I like it. I was curious where the name came from, and was pleasantly surprised to find that out by reading through the site.

Fembat’s been keeping an online journal since before April 2001. Entries from the date forward are all available to read, but entries before that were unfortunately lost. The nearly two years of posts, though, are just as equally entertaining from start to finish.

The layout is that of the ever popular three column layout. Other links to weblogs listed as “noted ones”, webrings, and other links run down the left hand side, and on the right, Fembat updates readers with what she’s reading, watching, listening, etc. The weblog content is in the center column, and atop it you find a small navigation menu that provides you links to a bio section of the site and a chance to guide through the older entries should you chose to click on the archives link.

You can’t really predict what you’ll get to read about when coming to this weblog and with the variety you get at Fembat’s journal, it’s safe to say that nearly everyone dropping by for a visit will find something they’re interested in.


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