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This is a geek site which doesn’t look like a geek site. Its colour co-ordinated!

When reading a blog for the first time, it is rare that I spend more than 10 minutes scanning through content. I spent over an hour at Geek News Central, the content is that good. I’m naturally inclined to take an interest in technology – it’s my job and my hobby – and Geek News Central provides a good cross section of technology news. Each post demands attention and provides an informal and well structured commentary. Subjects range from the authors political views upon the (mis)use of technology to Microsoft’s latest blunders.

The site is well structured, and maintains a pleasant and common theme throughout. The title header is original and the navigation simple and familiar.

Posts are available in xml format for those of you who wish to share the sites information. News feeds for geek news are also provided.

In conclusion, if you’re a technophobe this site isn’t for you. For everybody else, this is a goldmine.

Geek News Central

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