Review 2215

I really think that I should open this review with the opening post of the weblog:
“For those of you who are truly disturbing and are reading this info without having any idea who the heck I am (because you just like to go from stranger’s blog to stranger’s blog because it makes you feel as though you actually have a real life when in fact your family has disowned you and you live in a cardboard box in a deserted alley where even the rats don’t go and your only connection to the real world is through the local library’s internet access machine which you can only use on occasion because you constant reek of urine ), prepare to become further disturbed.” This sets the maturity for all the posts that follow.

Reading on did not leave me disturbed either. It only confirmed every teenage boy stereotype, archetype and cliche out there. Naked women are mentioned, Pamela Anderson is mentioned, porn mags are mentioned, being grounded when your mother discovers your porn mags is mentioned, doing something with your girlfriend for half an hour in the corner of the playground is mentioned, wanting a sticker for getting good grades at school is mentioned.

The whole site is quite confusing. I felt as though I’d been sucked into a 13-year-old boy’s world and couldn’t find the escape hatch. There were no external links, no explanations for the purpose of the blog or anything about the author [which I would have liked], and some posts just went on and on. A large amount of posts were just transcripts of IM chats with his friends, all similar to this one,

“Q: What happens when there are four guys and one girl in a chatroom at 10:15 on a Tuesday night? A: This…
josh9600 (10:15:18 PM): so….vaseline or k-y
Mcdaddy404 (10:15:32 PM): dudes i just watched a 50 minute porn vid from first minute to payload, it was grueling
(10:15:45 PM) Ruchita03 has left the room.
Nick 42160 (10:15:48 PM): hahahaha
Mcdaddy404 (10:16:04 PM): teamwork
josh9600 (10:16:06 PM): heh…”payload”
P1Dawg (10:16:07 PM): high five
josh9600 (10:16:43 PM): sweet.”

I have given Avast! a rating of 2, because although there isn’t much reason for anyone who doesn’t know Josh personally to visit, it seems that he uses his weblog to get all his early teen angst out of his system, and I’d rather he did that on here than offline. Think of Avast! as an online BMX park: let the kids do what they like in there but just don’t look .Avast!

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