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avast interj. Nautical
Used as a command to stop or desist.

Sometimes you wonder about a title of a weblog, and this time I had to find out. So with the definition given above, I was ready to dive right in.

First thing about this site is the green background color. I am all for the color green, but this was taken a little to the extreme. But none-the-less the rest of the colors work for the site. We are given a simple single column layout, that could also have a second column if chosen. The author has chosen to not put up much information on the weblog, as the only links available are home and archives. The logo is just simple text, and the only real image is the blogspot ad.

The weblog itself is rather interesting. Here we have a mix of a gifted high school student who know what he wants (for the most part) and is also a stereotypical teenage boy. We have Josh who is applying at Ivy League colleges and sounds like he has a good chance. But then we also hear about Josh and all of his porn. Ok, so maybe this is a natural thing for guys to talk about.

I was able to connect with what Josh was saying in most of the posts. Probably because I am a guy and I understand what is going on. However, he seems to air a little too much information at times for me. I do not need to re-live my days in high school. But I do give him credit because he even realizes that he has a wider range of readers than he thought.

Over all we have a some what interesting, but stereotypical teenage blog. It should be interesting though to see how his college plans turn out, and what happens when he does go to college. Because of the openness to some of the things that he posts about, this could become a very entertaining blog to read.

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