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Veracity or Mendacity is a nicely designed, well structured web diary which started in March 2002. There is a comprehensive ‘about me’ page under the title “The Essentials”, which in addition to the “100 things about me” provides the reader with a thorough understanding of the author, so essential if you are to sell your blog as an online diary.

The design is classy and understated, with only small elements of colour surrounding the neatly constructed boxes, which help to separate the content and links. It’s easy to navigate and kind on the eye. The design of the website is very much a reflection of the author’s writing – very neat, easy to read and concise.

The content of her posts are very much of the personal kind, about her life and her feelings. But everyone once in a while there was a real gem of a post that really caught my eye. At the end of April 2002 for example, she discusses an article in National Geographic

A photograph is an image, albeit one that reflects the photographer as much as the subject herself. The photographer in this instance is not concerned with ‘The Afghan Girl’ as a woman or as a human being. She is an object, the end goal of a quest, and hence his interest in her is only concerned with greater glory for himself and The Story.

In fact the more I read the more interested I became in this author’s writing and opinions. It was like getting to know someone really slowly, at each stage of the blog they reveal that little bit more about themselves in a quiet and refined way. I liked it. Readers should expect a well written, grammatically flawless blog with no sugar-coating. Count on getting to know the real person behind this blog should you visit.

This is very much a personal contribution to the weblogging world, containing glimpses into the life and experiences of the individual. If you enjoy reading personal journals, with well written and well thought out posts you may well enjoy this weblog. Each post allows you a little bit more knowledge of the individual and that is always interesting
Veracity or Mendacity?

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