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This blog, from a guy named Adam, isn’t given any particular name. When you go to, you’re met by a nice picture of sun beating down through clouds and the words “you don’t have to believe everything you think.” Interestingly, I find this statement to be oddly profound as I think it’s ultimately true in life; despite its simplicity. This statement, to me, touches on the fact that we’re all our own worst enemies — and how often times, it’s what we think that limits us and/or hurts us. Without a doubt, this statement was incredible at welcoming me to Adam’s blog.

Adam is the posterchild, or atleast could be, for The National Everyday Blogger’s Assosciation (NEBA) — if such an organization existed. He writes in an everyday fashion and pulls it off surprisingly well. Here’s a taste of his style for writing …

February 06, 2003


haircutting for me is a spiritual experience. I love to get my haircut there’s something about it that just feels really good. I got it cut today because it needed it badly. The guy did something that I have never had anyone do. He strapped this vibrating thingy(yes I see the joke) to the back of his hand and gave me the best head massage that I have ever gotten. Wow.

On a side note it’s still snowing here. It’s really white.” (

Now, I find this entry to be quite entertaining just because of the pure realism it offers. Adam’s real with his readers and I think that’s appealing — it certainly is to me.

I don’t like giving 5’s … in fact, I think I’ve become notorious for being harsh and overly critical … But this guy covers all of his bases, by being genuine. I like the design, I like the writing … it’s as simple as that. Well done Adam.Adam’s Mile high Blog

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