Review 2207

Let me introduce you to Vector Matrix. A 19 year old male living in Canada whose goal is to get into show biz in some aspect. Ok, now that the introduction is done with, lets move on.

The page loaded up and I am given a lot of information to deal with. A three column layout is presented, with Navigation on the left, the blog in the middle and a news reader on the right. The first time I visited the site I admit I was taken aback. But with a repeat visit I was able to figure out what was going on.

The first entry of the site is used as a guest book so to speak. This threw me off because I had not seen anyone do this before. At first I thought it was the most recent post, but then after looking I noticed it was an older one.

The posts are about a lot of subjects, all of which the author likes. These range from personal life, to Buffy, to Star Trek, to movie reviews. Pretty average stuff for a teenage male who likes computers and all the stuff that follows.

Vector Matrix is a very talented writer. He has this ability to describe a situation as if you are watching it there in person. On some of his posts I felt as if I was the one going through the situation as it was described so well.

Of course I did have some complaints about the site. The first being that there isn’t a clear explanation as to what each part of his site is. There are so many internal links that I almost go lost. However after going through most of them I realized that he was categorizing his entries and then has direct links to those. A clearer explanation of this would be nice. Second, 95% of the post itself is not shown on the main page. There is a link to a “read more” which typically people use for a second little blurb but it also brings us to the comments. His posts had a short blurb on the main page, followed by essays in the read more. While it is nice that he keeps it so tidy so we do not have to scroll past lengthy posts to get to a post we are looking for, it is also a pain as I had to read the post, click the back button, read the post, click the back button. There should be a more fluid way to read the posts. Final complaint is that the date is posted inside the “Read More” section. On the main page I had no clue when each entry was posted.

Vector Matrix has a very good site and is a good read. The difficulties with navigation and lack of explanation of aspects of it take away from it. I think that with a better design, defined sections of the site, and some sort of improvement to the “Read More” section, he would have an amazing site. Even if there was just a way to read the weblog itself (without all the other links) and without having it sectioned off would be a good thing. Long thought out posts are nice if the author is able to write. Vector Matrix is able to write. | ramblings of a teenaged canadian

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