Review 2206

Welcome to Death’s Door. Or so the aptly titled weblog claims it is. First loading of the page, I was immediately drawn to the mini about section on who was Greg Beck. A fair amount of good information was crammed into that little paragraph which is a must read before you read the weblog.

The design of the site is a template that I really do not care for. I am still not sure what the purpose of the design serves, but oh well. Greg should find a new template or create his own design to further enhance his site.

The weblog itself is not for the weak of heart. Greg swears an awful lot, but it makes it that much easier to connect with him. His range of topics varies, but it is typically something that is currently going on in the media.

I liked the weblog because I was able to read it for what it is supposed to be: Funny. About 80% of the posts I was laughing extremely hard. I can just imagine a person actually saying some of the stuff at a bar after a few drinks. This is a site I would visit when I wanted a quick laugh.

Over all we have a funny site with a lot of bad language. If you are offended by a foul mouth, then do not visit this site. If you are looking for a good laugh in a George Carlin sort of way, then here is the site for you. Actually I saw George Carlin in person, and I found most of this site to be more entertaining than the comedian.

Death’s Door, The Spanish Announcer’s Table

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