Review 2206

It was very black with very big text that instantly made it easy to read! There is a short part on the background of the blogs owner and directly underneath the archives. There were a manageable amount of links to look through. Cleanly laid out and easy to see what was there. I think that it is a standard template.

The first thing that I should mention is that Greg is very expressive and uses language to reflect that. If swearing or rude words offend you, then this is NOT the blog for you to read! He is honest and straight talking, and if he feels the need to swear to make a point, then he does! He reflects on his personal thoughts on life and the people that live in this world, and tells you how he feels it is! He shares alot of experiences that I think people can easily relate too. The blog started in November 2002 so it is still relatively new in content.

I think that the design in a standard template that anyone can use. The text font is large so it is easy on the eyes! I like the fact that the archives are listed and easy to find and use. The daily posts are separated by a large heading of a different colour, so it is easy to see what was written per day.

I like the stark honesty of Gregs writing and the way that he is not afraid to express his personal views. He posts a few comments form regular readers, and they seem quite happy with what he writes! He openly admits that sometimes it gets confusing, but I personally think that is part of the attraction when taking a look into Gregs mind.

This is not a blog for people that are easily offended by colourful language. Greg is aware of that and has removed himself from a Blog listing site as he is aware that his content may not be suitable. If you want to read some stark honesty and read what makes one man called Greg tick, then visit him. It may also surprise you to know that he is an ordained minister! Death’s Door, The Spanish Announcer’s Table

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