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A personal weblog filled with very dry humor is what you’ll find here. If you look close enough, though, you might just learn something. I feel much more abreast in current affairs now, after reading through “Somewhere in the Digital Forest”. I don’t know if that means I’m slacking in my duties as an American to pay attention to what’s going around me, or if this site is really that informative. It very well could be the latter.

I liked the layout of “Somewhere in the Digital Forest”. The digital forest-ness of it all is obvious from the top banner all the way through the color scheme. Sticking to the theme of the weblog’s title, the author uses a broad spectrum of different greens for the banner, background, links, and everything else included in the site. It’s a three column layout that makes everything easy to navigate, to find, and most importantly, to read.

If you don’t get enough of the author’s witty remarks and engaging posts in the weblog portion of the site, there’s plenty more where that came from. With a variety of subjects to choose from, I’m certain there’s something for everyone. Alan’s hobbies range from fly fishing to biking and from photography to writing – all of which have their own, if not multiple, section of the site devoted to.

There were many posts that really had me either laughing or agreeing right along with him. Some of my favorites – a 24 step guide to How to Spend Your Lottery Winnings and Alan’s unremitting clever remarks about current events. This is definitely a fun weblog to read.

When Alan writes, there’s not a lot of fluff to sort through before you find the actual meaning and point behind each post. He writes with a very direct approach, but yet it’s an enjoyable manner of writing to read on an ongoing basis. As previously stated above, Alan does have a dry sense of humor, which may or may not appeal to the masses. It’s not your slapstick humor, so you may have to use your head on this one a little bit.

And now, since I know the perfect plan for what to do after winning the lottery, I’ll leave you to checking out this site while I go pick up my lottery ticket.

Somewhere in the Digital Forest

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