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Affordable Justice lends itself to a law or justice related blog in my mind, and so I was quite surprised initially when I arrived at the site. Its true meaning in this case may well be lost on me, I’m a Brit with no knowledge of the LA scene as it goes, and Affordable Justice is in every essence of the word a personal journal.

Primarily the content of this journal is as you would expect a conglomeration of everyday occurrences, with occasional perused links, interesting examples of writing and references to the music scene in LA in which the author plays a part. To be entirely honest I did find some of the entries a little hard to follow, the author isn’t too keen with his shift key and there is the obvious barrier between UK and US English.

The author writes a little about himself at the very start of his blog – back in May 2002. Which may not be great with the details but does provide the reader with some information on his background. Other details are dropped in the course of the journal, meetings with his Dad and so on.

Design Wise the site is a mixed bag. The first thing I noticed when I arrived at the site was the background, which in itself is a stunning image. Replicated across the screen in the form of a background is too much, and makes the site hard to follow. The design itself is primarily based on a generic blogger template, with the addition of the background and some very minor layout changes. It’s structured and easy to navigate.

As a journal in itself it doesn’t really capture my interest as well as it could. The background distracts from the content significantly and not being part of the whole LA scene leaves me a little at a loss with the culture and language. It may well be interesting for those who are a part of the same world, especially the LA music scene in which the author seems to be a part of – particular interest comes from his experiences as a “Tour Manager”. If he were to be a little more explicit in this area it could really heighten the overall surfing experience. Still, as it stands a 2.5. Some interesting references but no real come back factor.

affordable justice

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