Review 2198

Rambling with Isha is hosted by Blogspot, which makes the layout and
navigation kind of predictable. Nevertheless Sol has managed to make the
best out of it: colors that are easy on the eyes, an abundance of links,
even something called ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ that suggests something,
well, kind, that you can do.

Being a teacher, Sol can naturally write. She alternates between her
personal life and some funny (both funny-haha and funny-weird) news or
links that she comes across. She writes with humor and sometimes sarcasm,
making her entries a pleasant read.

All said, although Rambling with Isha has plenty of content, there are not
many entries that stand out or stick in your mind after reading. As a
journal, there are no problems with it, just that it’s not particularly
entertaining or insightful. If all Rambling with Isha is aiming at is a
decent blog about a life, then all’s well and good; but if Sol wants to get
the counter going, some drastic measures need to be taken.

Rambling with Isha

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