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Dreaming in Denmark’s author has been blogging for well over a year…The archive dates back to May of 2001 with entries nearly every day. Phew. Needless to say, she has developed a very engaging writing style and has a unique way of observing the world.

I enjoyed reading dreaming in Denmark. After reading several months worth of entries I began to appreciate the author’s sense of humour and her take on life. I really liked that the entries were often very short, making it a good daily read. (maybe due to my 21st century short attention span).

Her blog has many short humorous observations:

walking in to work this morning, i glanced down and saw a battered summer squash on the ground just under the bumper of a rusty blue van. all i could think was ‘truck turds’. see? i’m telling you, i’m not safe before coffee.

And blogging about blogging:

“my life, in captions

i’ve noticed recently that my writing habits are spilling over into day to day life, away from the pen and keyboard. all my entries, here and in the journal, are titled one way or another. and i find myself sitting on the T, talking to friends, running errands, and inventing captions for whatever is happening.

and often more serious reflections on relationships:

“feeling a bit Fuck You.

help me understand this. no, really. i’m willing to learn. what part, exactly, of ‘don’t call me again’ isn’t clear? because if there’s a way to clarify that i don’t want you in my life, i’m happy to do it. honestly – i’m not really sure which part of that could be misunderstood. but i apparently needed to be more precise, because there were a slew of messages waiting for me when i got home. or was it just that you had to get in that last parting shot, making sure once again that things are done on your terms?

A great blog. A clean, well organized site. What I think blogging is all about. An honest journal expressing life’s ups and downs. I think there is something in her writing for nearly everyone.

I hope she maintains her caffeine intake. 🙂
dreaming in denmark

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