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It was the title of the site that drew me, Reminisces on a life lived promised a personal journal full of life experience, and that is exactly what it delivered. The design of the site is based on a generic blog template, but in their favour it is one of the better ones and is actually quite pleasing to the eye.

The nature of the entries is as you would expect, primarily about the everyday occurrences the author faces as and when they happen. But they are well written, interesting to read, beautifully to the point and honest. These sorts of journals can go horribly wrong even for those who live the most exciting lives, but the author carries this off very well. His style of writing is easy to follow.

There isn’t a great “about me” section, although there is a brief posting in the initial entries containing some fairly basic information. I think with this type of journal learning a little about the author can really add to the personality of the site. However, the entries are such that reading the journal itself can give the reader such a vast amount of information about the author’s personality this isn’t absolutely essential.

The design of the site is a generic blogger template so I can’t really comment too explicitly about that. It is one of the better templates, is clear and well structured and so allows for easy navigation of the site. Not many individual touches have been added to the site, the links section is somewhat short although this is to be expected for such a young site…

I found that web address a little long, certainly not one you would like to type from memory, and personally I would look into condensing that a little more if possible.

If you enjoy reading about everyday life experiences of a 26 year old male that this site is worth your time. It received a 3.5 from me because I found it well written, and fitted well within its title. A little individuality tailored into this site would certainly heighten the surfing experience, because this is what the site offers – reminiscent writings of an individual’s experiences in life.

Reminisces on a life lived

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