Review 2194

When I first loaded up, I immediately knew I was going to like this site. The design is unique – an interesting border of shapes around the actual content – and Katy has few distractions. There are some links to her writing and the archives. Nothing to draw you away from the actual blog.

Even if there was something to draw you away from this site, I don’t think it would do its job very well. Katy’s writing is incredibly detailed and insightful – you won’t want to leave. Many of her posts revolve around her family, and the detail in which she describes them is almost breathtakingly realistic. Katy manages to take utterly simple events – take for example, her husband putting the curtain the wrong way such that it spills water onto the floor – and turns them into amazingly funny, shocking, and deeply touching incidents. One of the unique things about this blog is that the author alternates between third-person and first- person. When she writes in third-person, the stories she tells are interesting enough to make you very glad that her blog goes back 3 years and has plenty of content to read.

The design of goes along well with the content. The different shapes that make up the border of the blog are very much like the author’s writing – composed of various ideas and happenings. Some of the archives did give me installation errors at the top of the page, but the contents of that month still loaded successfully. There wasn’t much beyond the blog itself, but as stated before, you don’t really need anything else. The writing is fresh, captivating, and unique.

I highly recommend you visit Even if you aren’t into this type of blog – very emotionally charged – you will still enjoy reading Katy’s perceptive and engrossing posts.

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