Review 2193

Popism was listed on The Guardian’s Weblog Special this past summer. In case you didn’t know, the Guardian, according to its website, is a newspaper in the UK. The folks there listed Popism as a “British weblog on pop culture”.

The writing is very well done. It’s very straightforward without any fluff or filler at all. The author gives the readers a link, and a few words explaining what position towards the issue Popism is taking. Previous knowledge of what goes on in the British pop culture world is very helpful. I, of course, didn’t have that knowledge, so I spent quite a bit of time doing some research on the certain issues at hand.

Technically speaking, Popism is actually over a year old, entering the world of weblogging in January 2002. But I’ve seen weblogs that have more posts in a week then this site has had for the past year. Every entry ever made, at least the ones that I could find, were all available to view on one page – the main page.

The layout of the site is very simple. The black text on a light blue background used for the weblog portion of the site is very easy to read, as is the light yellow table that the author has listed other various links in.

Naturally, I would have liked to see more to this site. I know sometimes quality is better than quantity, which is relevant in this case, but more posts would more than likely draw readers back on a more regular basis, opposed to only a few posts a month for people to wade through.

If you’re in to British pop culture, this site is will certainly appeal to you. Otherwise, like me, you’ll be doing a little research on the site to fully understand some of the entries here. Don’t plan on regular posts, but it’s a good one to add to your list of sites that you just come back to check on every once in a while.


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