Review 2192

Bust out the corn dogs and the forties and lets have ourselves a Big Picnic. (Blatantly stolen and modified from their site) But seriously, take the time out of the day to visit Big Picnic. Why you ask? For a number of reasons.

First we have the stories that are posted. They range in content categories from News to A & E to Tech to Comics and more. Each post is either backed by a fare amount of knowledge or the main poster (JNelsonW) is very good at feeding us BS. My guess is the former of the two.

The site is powered by Post Nuke which is an open source CMS. JNelsonW takes full advantage of all the features of the CMS including having notes about the posts, extended entries, free registration for the site, allowing others to comment on the site and submit their own news. Most people do not use the Nuke software to the fullest, but like the posts that are written – the knowledge is shown.

The design of the site is rather interesting to say the least. Of course when I think of Big Picnic I think of grass. So what better than to have a picture of blades of grass with the words Big Picnic across them as the logo? But then the site goes into a slate color with white text which doesn’t seem to flow with the “picnic” idea. However, given that a logo has very little to do with the sites ability to perform, it is nothing to worry about. Over all the design works for the site.

Big Picnic really is just that, a Big Picnic. Fun times can be had while reading this site, and you can even partake in it yourself by registering for an account. Make sure you check out the Big Picnic for an enjoyable day.
Big Picnic

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