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This is a normal weblog of a 19 year old normal girl named Brenda living in Alberta having a reasonably normal life. No huge drama, no big long stories of how so-and-so told so-and-so this or that, and nothing that makes you roll your eyes in disgust as you try to figure out why this person is sharing everything with the public. The content of the weblog, however, is anything but normal.

I was able to read through Moot Point very easily. Brenda’s posts are short and to the point, but still manage to add in a big of personality with each subject matter. There are days when you can find several posts, and there are times when the author goes a few days at a time without posting. This just goes to show that Brenda doesn’t just throw words up on a screen for the sake of posting, but just posts when it’s something that will either entertain or inform the people that are always stopping by her site.

There’s no way I would have guessed the author of this weblog was 19. It’s so well written. I know there are 19 year olds out there that write well, and Brenda is, by far, one of those prime examples. She knows this, of course, and while her dream of being a literary standout by the age of 20 is only a few months away, I personally feel like there’s tons of talent with Brenda’s writing. If readers enjoy her posts as much as I did, then there’s certainly potential for much greater things.

I found a post about grey that was kind of interesting, when looking at the layout of the site. Maybe this is when the current layout rolled out? The quote was “Dull grey day. Dull grey pants. Dull grey job.” And the only thing that was missing was a mention of the dull grey background use for the site. While the color of it may be dull, it’s actually a very sleek looking layout. The white text reads well on the background. Brenda went for a complete simplistic look with this design, and achieved that very well.

This is a site I can easily see readers becoming a fan of. Brenda keeps Moot Point entertaining, whether it’s by posting specific song lyrics that relate to the kind of day or situation she’s dealing with, or just by sending us to a link she’s found on the web somewhere that’s interesting enough to share. Check this one out. After all, “everything else is just a Moot Point”.

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